Board and Member Training

$7300 to ROC USA to take community resident leaders from cooperatively owned manufactured home parks to the NeighborWorks® Community Leadership Institute.

General Cooperative Information

$1200 to Cooperative Network to create an informational brochure on cooperative formation and operations to be distributed by the Minnesota Secretary of State.


$5000 to The Cooperative Fund of New England’s Cooperative Development Collateral Pool (CDCP). CDCP will fill a crucial gap in financing products and technical assistance available to cooperatives in low-income communities which lack collateral.

$5000 to Twin Pines Cooperative Foundation to provide seed money for a new Cooperative Community Funds in the Midwest.

 Training Materials/Technical Assistance Development

$5000 to The Working World (TWW) to develop a loan-readiness manual and set of tools uniquely suited to worker cooperatives. These tools will address cooperatives’ common barriers to capital access.

$6500 to Food Co-op Initiative to train CDS staff to provide direct, early support to Upper Midwest startup food cooperatives, allowing organizers to more quickly and effectively take advantage of additional resources available through FCI and others.

$7500 to University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives to develop a set of online financial tools for use in member education, board training and new cooperative development.

$6500 to Northcountry Cooperative Development Fund to develop the “Financing Success” workshop and workbook tailored to help boards and managers of start-ups and existing co-ops operating for less than three years plan to meet their financing needs.


$8400 for registration and travel stipends to support youth participation at the 2014 ACE Institute in Austin, TX on July 13-16. The funds will be provided to the Association of Cooperative Educators and the Ralph K. Morris Foundation.

$7500 to Ralph K. Morris Foundation for scholarships and travel stipends to cooperative education and leadership events.

Speaker Support

$5000 to support the participation of Hilary Abell, co-founder, Project Equity, Oakland, CA at four conferences to present her research into success factors and innovations in worker cooperative development.

$2000 to cover the cost of two ACE Institute speakers: Matt Feinstein, co-director, Worcester Roots Project, Worcester, MA and Janelle Cornwell, co-author, Building Cooperative Power: Stories and Strategies from Worker Cooperatives in the Connecticut River Valley.


$2500 to National Farmers Union for the 2015 College Conference on Cooperatives.

$1000 to New Leaf Market Cooperative to put on a conference targeted at current and future co-op member-owners and other key stakeholders in Northeast Wisconsin to learn about how consumer and producer cooperatives can serve mutual interests in good food for good health.

$500 to Cooperative Development Service’s to support a CoMinnesota event. CoMinnesota is a cross-sectoral effort providing co-op education events to co-op members, staff and the general public.

$1000 to National Association of Housing Cooperatives for their Annual Conference.

$1000 to CDS Cooperative Development Fund for a one-day CoopMetrics event for practitioners who are managing or considering cooperative data projects.

$1000 to the NASCO 2014 Cooperative Education & Training Institute.

$1000 to Southern Federation of Cooperatives/Land Assistance Fund for CoopEcon 2014: Building Democratic Ownership in the US South.

$2000 for sponsorship of the National Worker Cooperative Conference in Chicago, IL on May 30 – June 1

$1500 to recognize the induction of Martin Lowery into the Cooperative Hall of Fame.

$1000 for sponsorship of the 2014 Senior Cooperative Housing Conference in Brooklyn Park, MN on May 5-7.