$3000 to Cooperative Development Services to support the development of a Small and Strong webinar series targeted at small food cooperatives.

$2500 to Indiana Cooperative Development Center to support the peer to peer track of the 2016 Up and Coming, Up and Running Conference for new and start up cooperatives.

$3000 to NASCO to create an updated, interactive online edition of their organizer’s handbook.

$8500 to North Country Cooperative Development Fund to support research into obstacles to the expansion of food cooperative development in low-income communities.

$3000 to the Philadelphia Area Cooperative Alliance to support the pilot of a Cooperative Leadership Institute targeting cooperative leaders in the Philadelphia area.

$4000 to Worcester Roots Project to develop an online business planning tool similar to that used by SBA.

$10,000 to the Cooperative Development Foundation to support the development of tools to address human resource needs in worker cooperatives.

$10,000 to the Cooperative Fund of New England to monitor and evaluate food cooperatives efforts to increase access to healthy foods in low income communities and address regulatory issues regarding WIC and SNAP programs.

$6000 to Project Equity to support business succession planning workshops and cooperative conversion outreach.

$6000 to ROC USA to support the participation of members of cooperatively owned manufactured housing communities in NeighborWorks Community Leadership Development Program.

$4000 to ICA Group for research on the cooperative movement in Italy and its relevance to US cooperators.

$7500 to Ralph K. Morris Foundation to support its Cooperative Leadership Scholarship program.


$1000 for the 2016 Association of Cooperative Educators Institute in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

$1000 for the 2015 Association of Cooperative Educators Institute in Amherst, MA.

$1000 for the Western Workers Cooperative Conference in Berkeley, CA.

$1000 for the Eastern Conference on Workplace Democracy in Worcester, MA.

$1000 for the Cooperative Communicators Association Institute in Indianapolis, IN.

$1000 for the Federation of Southern Cooperatives’ Estelle Witherspoon Lifetime Achievement Award Event in Birmingham, AL.

$1000 for the 2015 NASCO Annual Institute in Ann Arbor, MI.

$1000 for the 2016 Up and Coming, Up and Running Conference in Bloomington, IN.

$9000 for the Cooperative Development Foundation Hall of Fame in Washington, DC.

$1000 for the Cooperative Network Cooperative Builders Award Reception in Bloomington, MN.