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Blooming Prairie Foundation

The Foundation was created by the members of the Blooming Prairie Warehouse Cooperative with the purpose of educating and enlightening buying clubs, cooperatives and privately owned businesses.  In addition the Blooming Prairie Foundation makes grants to non-profit, charitable organizations that conduct any of the following activities:

  •   Developmental, research, and educational efforts in the organic industry and the cooperative community;
  •   The development of organic and natural products; and
  •   Cooperative development in the natural products industry.


Ralph K. Morris Foundation

The Ralph K. Morris Foundation was established to perpetuate the memory of Ralph Morris and the contributions to rural America and the cooperatives movement that he made during his legal career. The Foundation has been organized by his family, friends and business associates. It was established under the nonprofit laws of the State of Minnesota for the purpose of providing development opportunities for emerging leaders expressing interest in applying and advancing the principles of cooperation.


CHS Foundation

The CHS Foundation is committed to investing in the future of rural America, agriculture and cooperative business through education and leadership development.



In 1997, the Wedge Board of Directors created WedgeShare, a charitable giving program based on Cooperative principle #7: “While focusing on member needs, cooperatives work for the sustainable development of their communities through policies accepted by their members.” WedgeShare is organized and directed by a committee of the co-op board of directors. Grant criteria were established by a committee made up of co-op members. The board committee screens proposals and the entire co-op membership votes to determine which organizations get grants.


Twin Pines Cooperative Foundation

TPCF administers money for programs supporting the development of many types of cooperatives. The Foundation is particularly interested in educational and development needs of food cooperatives, however it has developed credit unions, cable television cooperatives, health cooperatives and housing cooperatives.


Cooperative Community Fund program

The Give Where You Live Campaign is a national effort to support food cooperatives across the U.S. in building local Cooperative Community Funds. Sponsored by the Twin Pines Cooperative Foundation, each fund serves as a means for co-op members and shoppers to make donations to an endowment that donates to local non-profit organizations.The interest earned by each Fund will be given annually to local groups working on issues relating to sustainable agriculture and organic food, hunger and social issues, environmental protection and cooperatives.


MSC Fund

Established in 2004 as an endowment fund of the Cooperative Development Foundation. Formerly the Mutual Service Fund of the MSI Insurance Foundation, the Fund has been in operation for over thirty years and has awarded more than $1 million in grants to the cooperative community.


Bowers Fund

The Howard Bowers Fund for Consumer Cooperatives was established in 1993 with an endowment of $50,000 from the Hyde Park Cooperative Society to recognize the commitment and achievements of its general manager, Howard Bowers. The Fund makes grants to food cooperatives and to organizations and events that support the food cooperative sector.


Shirley K. Sullivan Fund

In 1998, CCA established a fund in honor of deceased, longtime member Shirley Sullivan, a senior editor at Southern States Cooperative. The Shirley K. Sullivan Fund offers educational grants to attend professional development seminars or classes and other leadership development activities.